Customs Brokerage.

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Customs Brokerage.

With the ever-changing customs regulations, you will stay updated with the latest duty saving programs and ensure compliance with the latest Egyptian customs regulations and procedures. Our attention to detail and our progressive approach to handling your shipments will help provide premium customs clearance services that will ensure the smooth and timely processing of your cargo with no delays by customs issues at seaports and airports.

Echo Logistics' customs clearance team is one of the most extensive and experienced in the Egyptian market with services covering all Egyptian seaports and airports. Our expert customs brokers along with our advanced handling strategies will ensure that the necessary government declarations are completed accurately and on time for your import and export shipments so that we minimize the risks associated with moving freight internationally.

Features of our customs brokerage services:

  • Detailed visibility over your clearance process through project tracking.

  • Fully qualified, licensed & experienced customs brokerage staff.
  • Preparation of documents and ensuring customs compliance.

  • Efficient data entry and processing for smooth customs clearing.
  • A reliable and timely customs clearing at all Egyptian ports.

  • Dealing with any forthcoming changes in customs regulations.
  • Calculation and payment of duties and taxes on your behalf.

  • Obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies when needed.

Why you should choose Echo Logistics customs brokerage services:

  • Brokerage Experts
    We recognize our obligation to act responsibly on behalf of our customers in our declarations to government agencies; therefore, we guarantee the smooth and timely processing of your cargo through current and future government reporting requirements.

  • Duty Savings
    Customs legislations and procedures is a complex area that can have a significant impact on business practices and operating costs. We have the necessary commercial information and knowledge of customs processes to maximize duty savings within your organization.
  • Local Customs Compliance
    Our customs brokerage team will ensure our clients are in full compliance with existing Egyptian customs regulations, and will pro-actively inform them about upcoming changes that will impact their business.

  • Global Customs Compliance
    At Echo Logistics, we work with a global comprehensive network of partners that will ensure your paper work is fully compliant with customs procedures and regulations in all major destinations worldwide.
  • Customs Auditing
    We provide full advice and assistance that ensures full compliance with all customs procedures and legislations. We are available to analyze and audit your existing customs procedures to point out areas where you have current or future exposure & outline corrective actions that should be taken.

  • Expedited Customs Procedures
    We are able to provide expedited customs services for shipments requiring complex customs entries. This is achieved by assigning a single customs broker to each consignment for fast entry submission and trouble free customs clearance that deliver valuable competitive advantage to your supply chain.

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