Textiles & Apparel.

A textiles logistics caliber that is second to none.

Textile & Apparel.

Echo Logistics is specialized in shipping and distribution of Fashion merchandise from Egypt to the United States and Europe. Our team does not only have the capability to handle the biggest and the best of the apparel producers, but also possesses deep knowledge and understanding of the textiles and apparel industry. We know where it is made and how it needs to be moved.

Why you should choose Echo Logistics textiles and apparel logistics services:

  • Visibility
    Our textile logistics division is working to ensure flexibility, visibility and IT solutions from cut to finish. We have always kept our customers informed of all changes before they happen . We will help you reduce inventory and provide 24/7 visibility of your orders all the way to their final destination through our Echo Logistics-Track.

  • Experience
    Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in various fashion and retail fashion segments and in-depth understanding of high-end fashion customers’ requirements. This allows us to deliver the utmost services to you and add value throughout your supply chains.
  • Reliability
    Our team have a strong presence in the Egyptian market — more than 25 years of continuous service in Egypt — and we really understand the competitive factor speed-to-market logistics brings to textiles and apparel.

  • Future Vision
    We are always focused and aim for continuous growth in our logistics handling capacities offered to our regional textiles manufacturers. We expect increased movements of raw material from Asia to Egypt and continued growth in the purchase orders processed and forwarded to US textile importers.

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